giuseppepadovano artist,neorealist painter,scene-designer

Giuseppe Padovano an italian painter and set designer was born in Casarano, in
Italy, on 20th March 1947. His father's name was Giacinto Padovano and his
mother's name was Candida D'Aquino. When he was only a teenager he started to
cooperate with Mr Grazio Sansò, a painter-decorator living in Casarano, helping him
to restore some churches of Salento, in Sanarica, Ugento, Gallipoli and Otranto.
In 1963 he moved in Switzerland together with his uncle Pietro Picci where he met
Mr Alberto Giacometti and Mr Otto Braschler who have hosted him in their atelier
for several months. Here he has been doing painting and drawing apprenticeship for
three years. In 1970 he moved in Milan and in 1974 he graduated at Brera
Academy(Milan) making the thesis about "The german Dadaism and The Voltaire
Cabaret of Zurich", his supervisor was Prof. Guido Ballo.
ln 1978 he graduated a second time at Brera Academy(Milan) making the thesis
about"Art and society in the XX century" with finalgrade of 110 cum laude and ,
mention, his supervisor was Prof. Raffaele De Grada.
In 1991 he founded the art magazine Arts at V. Vela museum(CH)together with
prof. Raffaele De Grada, inaugurated in December 1991 in Canton Ticino. ln 1991
Master Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli hired Padovano in order to set up the scenes
of the Gioacchino Rossini's works, such as "ll signor Bruschino" and "ll Barbiere di
Siviglia" at the Euroclassic Festival in the Theatres of Pirmasens and
The Padovano's Works are permanently present in the major public and private
collections and art museums of international prestige including The National Art
Gallery of Bologna, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Tate Modern Gallery
of London, the Thyssen-Bornemisza of Vienna, Memmo Foundation of Rome,
Corrente Treccani Foundation of Milan.

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 - giuseppepadovano

Portrait of Francesca von Habsburg

Arciduchessa d'Austria,1993

Olio su tela,60x90


Museum Of Art



 - giuseppepadovano

Portrait of Raffaele De Grada

1980,Olio su tela 46x72 cm

Milano,Museo e Fondazione


 - giuseppepadovano

Porttrait of Ernesto Treccani

1980, Olio su tela 53x72 cm.

Milano,Museo e Fondazione Treccani

 - giuseppepadovano

Portrait of giovane coppia

1993,Olio su legno

59x75 cm.

Vienna Thyssen-Bornemisza

Museum of Art